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The Value Of Hiring A Buyer Advocate For Securing a Property

Buying a property can be an exhilarating time of your life – exciting, yet incredibly stressful, emotional and time-consuming. Many buyers still choose to go it alone when buying what is arguably one of the most valuable assets they will ever own.

Most buyers are left guessing how to choose the correct property in terms of location, true market value and long-term performance. Uncertainty about current market conditions leaves many buyers feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Imagine having someone on your side every step of the way. A seasoned professional can give you the edge in a competitive market. A buyer’s advocate is solely there to help you, the buyer.

They are property specialists who can see through sales tactics and provide solid independent advice that will save you time, reduce risk and uncover hidden opportunities – an expert with all your best interests in mind.

What you can expect when engaging with Inview Property Group:

  • An initial obligation-free discussion to gain an understanding of our full services, your property needs and goals
  • A customised purchasing criteria and plan
  • Support from start to finish: you will be allocated your own personalised independent buyer’s advocate who will work by your side, within your set criteria
  • Evaluation of your property needs with independent and realistic advice about how to best achieve your goal – considering your desired location, property type, finance and future needs
  • Viewing suitable properties that are on-market, along with seeking out hidden off-market or private sale opportunities
  • Carrying out all the groundwork when looking for prospective properties: sourcing, shortlisting, screening and key due diligence
  • Negotiating or bidding at auction on your behalf
  • Guiding you through the entire process from search to settlement
  • Peace of mind that the process will be both enjoyable and stress free.
Would you like to find out more about what a buyer’s advocate could do to help your current property journey?

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