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First Home or Last: Which Matters Most in Property Journey?

At Inview, we believe that your first home is your most important. Why?

Your first home is the initial building block for your lifelong property journey. It’s important to identify the right property not only as your home, however, also with an investment mindset.

We can help you pave the way for a successful property journey.

When it comes to purchasing a property, we suggest considering factors that will influence property growth over time. During your search, continuously question the reasoning behind how these things can help achieve that long-term growth. Such as how will this suburb grow economically in the next 5 years. How many schools are in this area? Is the train station close to this property? Can I easily get to the supermarket and the doctor?

Factors that influence property growth:

  • Location – is this suburb in a growth stage?
  • Floor plan – does the plan flow?
  • Land size – is there room for renovations or outside activities?
  • Area demand – is this suburb tightly held and in-demand?
  • Access to public transport and healthcare
  • Traffic conditions – are the roads adequate for population growth? Can I get places easily?
  • Distance to amenities – Can I get my groceries nearby?
  • Distance to schools – Is the school within walking distance or would I drive?
If you or someone you know are considering moving to a new area, consider some expert advice first.

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